Lets all pray for Japan

I know that everyone is saying that prayers are of no good use..but they’re wrong..Prayer and energy that we emit from it will shine as a new Sun over Japan, as it recovers from this disaster…Off course everyone that can help by sending food, clothes or money supplies will be much appreciated..*I can’t cuz my country is not having any bank accounts for such..o.0

but tomorrow I will try to go to Japanese embassy and try to give money there and see if we can somehow help..

Let us all join forces to help one country that fascinated us over the centuries..to be once more our Sun of the East

かならず あした は くる から..X9


About lyd2liveyourdreams

dance is my life, my language of life through it I can fully express myself, letting the emotions fly on the wind... Adventurous type who will do anything for friend he really care about, who deserved that.. SuPerNatural is an AWESOME series about brother's bonds and kick ass moments.. JYJ is one honest, positive, energetic group of 3..who will through their perseverance and kind hearts, one day rule the world... Naruto is one masterpiece of a Manga..Kishimotto Masashi is a real God among the Japanese manga creators..so simple yet so full..XD Learning Japanese and Korean, knows English and a bit o French..xDD
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3 Responses to Lets all pray for Japan

  1. itanadean says:

    明るい明日のために!愛日本!Always keep the faith…

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