From the depths of my heart chakra

U know that refreshing and soothing feeling when you’re under shower, the stream of hot water washing the day out of you, so u can be clean canvas once again for universe to draw your dreams on. In those moments the world seems so small and confined and your soul seeks for her rightful freedom. I started doing my chakra ritual like any other day. Root, Sexual, Solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. I always manage to line them up, even though not open them, cuz that requires more time and meditating skills. And then I realized. The time is speeding up, our perception is changing, we can enter those blissful states of consciousness more easily since the portals are opening, and energy is flowing into us. Looking like that, thinking 100 thoughts per second, but still being in a heightened state aka harmony, the present moment. And there he was, from out of the blue, coming to me while watching with those innocent yet intelligent eyes, studying me and at the same time caring so much. I was there, naked, bared to the core of myself, but we weren’t in a material world, no, we watched one another through the eyes of a universe, our light was of nebulae, the pureness was immense. Dark hair, brown eyes, a hearty yet devious smile. He was, and I was, we were, at that moment, for a split second that seemed to be eons, light years away, caring, investigating, loving and all so universally just being. A wonderful feeling of source was felt as I turned back to 3rd dimension. Not feeling regret, he is here, as I’m here, we’re here and now always and forever like the universe, with no limitations, only possibilities. As the universal feeling of belonging was spreading throughout my body there was but one thought in my head. There’s still hope for my heart chakra!Image


About lyd2liveyourdreams

dance is my life, my language of life through it I can fully express myself, letting the emotions fly on the wind... Adventurous type who will do anything for friend he really care about, who deserved that.. SuPerNatural is an AWESOME series about brother's bonds and kick ass moments.. JYJ is one honest, positive, energetic group of 3..who will through their perseverance and kind hearts, one day rule the world... Naruto is one masterpiece of a Manga..Kishimotto Masashi is a real God among the Japanese manga simple yet so full..XD Learning Japanese and Korean, knows English and a bit o French..xDD
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