That childish feeling of autumn

Chalcedony, my stone of balance and belief in universe. One train station to the unknown and a scent of chocolate filled the air of this story. Imagine yourself, since time is nothing but a set of possibilities and we have free will to choose any possible scenario in any given moment. The time is also, beside being a pretty much misused term, curved so we can always live in the past, present or future, since we’re the creators of it, and since the moment is just in our minds. We can, if we want, connect to everyone, to feel that oneness that connects us all. Our vision of time depends only of the events around us and ours perception of them. At one that moment, I gave reign to the emotions over the mind. *Heart is so much bigger organ than brain, with much more influence onto our bodies* Hearing the voice of the train automate which alerted of the coming station so as to prepare for it, the voice in my head finished the sentence with- ”Next station is..future! You’re welcome to get of whenever you like”. But I didn’t. I figured that I like this moment just how it is and I want just to be present and fully aware of it. So as we passed the future, memories of past came gushing towards me dancing like fallen leaves on an autumn night. Yellow, orange, brown and many other scents have gathered to greet my childish self. The scent of a winter’s early morning donuts which my mom used to make, Swiss chocolate which me and my bro used to share, that feeling when there’s wind blowing ferociously, the nature show-off in front of your window, and you are inside safe with your family. 
So, not wanting to stay in the past which do not belong to present I asked myself why these sudden emotions. I accepted them, after all they were beautiful memories, but one word resided in my head- SAFE. What it means and how can we get it. I figured that these emotions and memories we’re all so beautiful to me cuz then I felt safe, safe with my family, warm, not hungry, happy. But as I kept the child in myself I joined the wiser and older version of me and I have seen that, after all, that way of thinking was indeed childish. We we(a)re always safe. We can always do what we truly love and what we think important, the thing is not to expect anything, cuz expectation is just not needed, just do those things, yeah, DO them, not think them, and our parent- the Cosmos, that energy of infinite, the one that had always kept us safe will watch over us. Off course as any parent it will punish the bad *bad karma and reward the good. The thing that we have to do is just, have faith, and DO things, accept and try to be in the present moment as much as we can, meditate, LOVE, take a breath, and you’ll see u can do anything, the gates will just keep on opening without even trying to open- like this night, and we’ll truly see that we are the beings of light!




About lyd2liveyourdreams

dance is my life, my language of life through it I can fully express myself, letting the emotions fly on the wind... Adventurous type who will do anything for friend he really care about, who deserved that.. SuPerNatural is an AWESOME series about brother's bonds and kick ass moments.. JYJ is one honest, positive, energetic group of 3..who will through their perseverance and kind hearts, one day rule the world... Naruto is one masterpiece of a Manga..Kishimotto Masashi is a real God among the Japanese manga simple yet so full..XD Learning Japanese and Korean, knows English and a bit o French..xDD
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2 Responses to That childish feeling of autumn

  1. What a beautiful out look , in the moment is where we need to be that is where everything is happening. Thank you for this.

    • lyd2liveyourdreams says:

      I’m glad u liked it. ^ ^ I’m new to all of this, but when I get inspiration I just let it flow and write something x9

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