The Psyche Heals Itself … If Only Allowed to Do So: A Primal Perspective on Spirituality, Part Thirteen — The Agonies and Ecstasies of Exquisiteness

Some of the essence in this one

The Great Reveal by SillyMickel & the PlanetMates


“The Only Way Out Is All the Way In”: The Eye of the Hurricane, The Cosmic Adventure, and Being Here … Why Would Reality Not Be Real?


Such it is that we can be in the midst of life, fully experiencing it, and yet be aware of its illusionary quality, hence be unattached to it and more able to flow with it. Let us say “Zorba the Buddha.”


The Eye of the Hurricane

From this view we see that it is our attitude toward intense experiences, not whether or not we have them, that is important. The I Ching addresses this in the hexagram, “The Arousing (Shock/Thunder)”: “[T]he shock causes no loss, because one takes care to stay in the center of the movement and in this way to be spared the fate of being tossed hither and thither” (p.200).


“The Only Way Out Is All the Way In”


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